8 Amazing Free Online Software for Video Editing Hacks

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Free online software for video editing, we all know that this is the term nowadays for which everyone is crazy about videos and searching for it. If anyone wants any information, then they prefer that they get that information through videos.

Ever since the trend of online marketing has increased, the requirement of video creation has also increased in a big way. Whether the business is small or big, every business is resorting to videos for their promotions.

From small children to adult, all are fond of watching videos. Today’s time videos have become a huge and important source of information.

YouTube is the second search engine in the world after Google. Daily Millions of Searches is from YouTube Videos.

In the coming years, the demand for videos is going to increase more and in such a situation there is a high need for video creators and video editors who converts RAW videos into professional videos with the help of video editing software.

Video editing software is available in both free and paid versions. Before going to know about video editing software, let us first understand what is video editing?

What is Video Editing?

Post-production is another name for the process of editing videos. Pre-production, production, and post-production are the three main phases of a movie.

The initial stage of a production is called pre-production, during which the script is produced, the team is assembled, and the shots are organised.

What are the types of Video Editing?

Below is given the types of video editing which are used in various industries as per the job requirement. The list includes:

  1. Linear Editing
  2. Non Linear Video Editing
  3. Simple Cutting
  4. Bespoke Editing
  5. Review for editing
  6. Editing based on a theme
  7. Multi-source Editing
  8. You Film We Edit
  9. Extraction from a DVD for editing
  10. Adding Voice Commentary
  11. Film Editing
  12. Editing for Art
  13. Editing film from live events
  14. Length Reduction Editing
  15. Editing to Accentuate the Highlights
  16. Photo Slideshows
  17. End of Life Photomontage
  18. Subtitling
  19. Offline Editing
  20. Online Editing
  21. Live Editing
  22. Compression. Reducing the size of your footage
  23. Bit Rate. Reducing the size of your footage
  24. Aspect ratio. Changing the dimension of your footage
  25. Assemble Editing
  26. Insert Editing
  27. Initial Assembly
  28. Rough Cut
  29. Colour Correction and Colour Grading
  30. Final Cut

Why video editing is Important?

Video editing is crucial because it allows us to seamlessly combine sounds and pictures to feel emotionally involved and occasionally actually present in the movie we’re viewing.

It’s safe to assume that one of the most crucial tasks in the film industry is video editing.

How Video Editing Software is helpful in Video Promotions?

You may create polished promos for sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other places you post brand videos with the use of excellent video editing tools.

You can differentiate yourself from the competition by using one of the many user-friendly free video editing apps that are available.

The uncertainty of a buyer to make a purchase can be decreased by professionally created product films, which are a more compelling kind of content marketing than images alone.

In fact, 78% of video marketers claim that video has directly boosted sales, according to animated explainer video maker Wyzowl.

Below given is the list of the best free online software for video editing software from around the web, as well as a few with affordable paid versions.

List of Free Online Software for Video Editing

8 Amazing Free Online Software for Video Editing Hacks

This is a best free video editing software for beginners.

Anyone who wants to make high-quality videos without paying any money should consider using VideoPad.

Video Pad

With VideoPad, you may experiment with various video compositions and styles thanks to a variety of straightforward and user-friendly tools, including 3D video editing and a sound effects library.

As well as using colour correction and sound effects, you may edit your movies with special effects, overlays, texts, and transitions.

After that, export your finished video fast and easily to Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, and other mobile platforms.

The only drawback is that it may be too simple for advanced video editors


This is the easiest free video editing software for intermediate editors. OpenShot is a fantastic video editing application for intermediate editors because of its simple user interface.

While more complicated programmes might provide more editing options, OpenShot’s simple design and user-friendly interface make it ideal for straightforward editing.

Small businesses can effectively use OpenShot, which works well for clip resizing, scaling, cropping, snapping, and rotation. Additionally, it provides real-time preview, audio editing, frame stepping, time mapping, and credit scrolling.


It’s a Free Video Editing software. An open-source, cross-platform video editor with a large library of instructional videos is called Shotcut.

Additionally, a large number of codecs are supported, including FFmpeg, 4K, ProRes, and DNxHD. A word of caution, though: Since Shotcut was first created for Linux, some users might find the interface a little odd.

It’s still a top-notch editor in spite of this.

Shotcut is perfect for audiophiles because it offers a wide range of audio editing possibilities.

Users can tweak the bass and treble, create bandpass filters, change gain, apply dynamic compression, and many other audio parameters with its wealth of fine-tuning tools.

Windows Video Editor

This is a best video editing software to be used on windows 10. It is available free of cost for the video editing lovers.

For those who want to get back to the fundamentals, Windows Video Editor, a built-in editor from Microsoft, is a useful programme. It’s fantastic for quickly editing brief video footage that you need available right away.

While it offers the fundamental editing capabilities like cropping, cutting, and adding text or music, Windows Video Editor is more of a photo editor.

The free Video Editor programme, which comes with Windows 10 and later, is useful for simple video editing.

Movie Maker Online

This is one of the best online video editor available free of charge. The greatest browser-based video editor available right now is Movie Maker Online.

It’s an affordable tool for those who want to make videos, but it has some limitations.

You’ll have to go around the tool’s advertisements in order to edit your films. Additionally, it has a maximum duration of 10 minutes, which ought to be adequate for the average free user.

Movie Maker Online gives you all the basics you need to make a video for free. You also get access to free music, videos, and photos, which is a nice bonus.

Here is the list of video editing software Free/ Paid Versions:


This is a best free video editing application for mobile. It is available Free of cost to use with some restrictions and around $3.99 per month for paid plan.

The free version includes the watermark.

If you’re a mobile video editor, KineMaster should be your go-to programme. This capable video editing program is ideal for mobile devices and is free (subscription model optional).

With KineMaster, recording video, editing it, and uploading it all from your phone or tablet is simple.

Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is available Free to use along with its Pro and business subscriptions which starts at $7 per month.

Your existing product images and text are instantly converted into beautiful ecommerce movies by Vimeo Create, a free editing programme that you can connect to your Shopify store directly. Video expertise is not necessary.

More than 200 million people utilise the popular video software programme called Vimeo.

You can manage, host, and distribute all of your films from one location with Vimeo because it is an all-in-one solution, which streamlines your process.

VSDC Free Video Editor

This is a best no watermark video editor to be used on windows. Its available free with limitations and its Pro version is available at $19.99.

Both a free and a premium version of VSDC’s desktop video editing programme are offered.

VSDC’s complete video editing suite, including a mask tool and chroma key functionality for green-screen video effects, is still included in the free edition despite its less features.

A well-liked programme for editing GoPro video is VSDC.

I have tried to list few of the free online software for video editing along with some paid subscriptions also. Still there are a lot of free and paid video editing software are available online for windows and mobiles.

You can try any of these software and produce excellent results.

The choice of software is secondary as per me. The main thing is your creativity. If you have a strong imagination powers then you can give life to any video and take the online promotions through videos to the next level.

Boost your content marketing efforts. There are countless possibilities for free video editing tools, so your brand’s marketing videos can be as creative as you like.

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