6 Best Free AI Photo Editor Apps for Android and iphone in 2023

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AI-powered image editing software enables rapid overall editing process and makes it simpler to enhance the appearance of your photos. What may take hours with more complex applications like Photoshop, they can accomplish in a matter of seconds.

But how can you decide which AI image editor is ideal for you when there are so many of them available? So that you can choose the ideal AI picture editor the first time, we’ve compiled a list of the six top choices.

We make it simple to select the top AI photo editing app. Check out these six AI image editors for editing your photos if you’re not sure what you need yet!

  • YouCam Perfect
  • Lensa
  • FacePlay
  • Remini
  • PhotoDirector
  • Voila

AI Photo Editor 1. YouCam Perfect

Best for: YouCam Perfect works best for quickly applying cutting-edge AI technology to your photos! Automatic and quick!

Rating: 4.8 and 4.4

Available on: iOS and Android

Main AI Filter Tools: 

  • Auto Enhance Images
  • Auto Beautify Selfies
  • Kaleidoscope AI Art
  • AI Body Tuner
  • AI Object Removal

Auto Enhance Images:-

Try YouCam Perfect’s Auto Enhance option if you’re looking for an easy method to enhance your pictures. By automatically changing many characteristics, such as brightness, contrast, etc., the software will quickly enhance the appearance and feel of your photo. In a fraction of the time, you’ll get Instagram-worthy photos!

Auto Beautify Portrait Images:

Media Credit:- Perfectcorp

Editing portraits can be a complex and time-consuming process that demands for expert photo editing abilities. Fortunately, YouCam Perfect offers an Auto Beautify tool that will instantly transform your boring portraits into breath-taking ones. Simply select a portrait photograph, go to the Beautify section, then click Auto to change it. Then, watch as your portrait appears to come to life.

Kaleidoscope – AI Art Generator:

You can quickly and easily turn a snapshot into a stunning and original piece of kaleidoscope art. The background will be immediately identified by YouCam Perfect’s Kaleido function and transformed into magical moving mandalas.

The features Kaleido, Slice, Horizontal, Vertical, and Feather allow you to customize your Kaleido animation. The kaleidoscopic background’s speed can also be changed. Use the AI Art Generator on YouCam Perfect to unleash your creativity and artistic side right now!

AI Body Tuner:

Media Credit:- Perfectcorp

You may quickly and easily edit your physique in a photo using YouCam Perfect’s AI Body Tuner without spending a lot of time or effort! Your waistline, breast size, and legs can all be changed with the help of the AI tool. Additionally, our AI strives to keep the adjustments from appearing excessively idealistic.

AI Object Removal:

You may quickly and efficiently remove undesired objects, text, people, or other elements from a photo by using AI Object Removal. Ever taken a picture only to find the kitchen sink firmly in the center of it? AI object removal comes to the emergency: using this practical solution, unsightly barriers can be removed from any imagery in a short period of time. Time is saved and problems get avoided thanks to AI object removal!

AI Photo Editor or AI Filter 2: “Lensa AI

A fantastic AI photo and video editor, Lensa provides real-time editing.

Rating: 4.6 and 3.2

Available on: iOS and Android

Prisma labs created Lensa, an AI photo and video editor. It comes with a number of tools that can help you make quick and simple modifications. Real-time editing is made possible by the AI features, so you may make changes right away without having to wait for a save or render. A collection of your own photos may be used to create a series of AI selfie portraits with Lensa’s new Magic Avatars function.

There are around 500 different art styles available in Prisma Labs’ AI art program, which is known by the name of Prisma. With its huge variety of artistic filters, you may transform a plain, ordinary photo into a work of artistry.

Main AI Editing Tools:

  • AI avatars
  • Magic correction
  • Art styles and filters

AI Photo Editor or AI Filter 3. “FacePlay : AI Art Generator

Best for: FacePlay is a fantastic AI art generator that enables you to create ACG from your images.

Rating: 4.5

Available on: iOS and Android

A colorful, vibrant portrait can be made with FacePlay, an AI photo editor. The software creates artwork that appears to be alive masterpieces with AI algorithms. You can simply add animation to your images with its AI-driven tools, and you can even change your face for a distinctive appearance. A nice AI art editor to make entertaining edits is FacePlay.

Main Tools Are:

  • Photo animation
  • Face Swap
  • Costume video templates

AI Photo Editor or AI Filter 4. “Remini

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bigwinepot.nwdn.international&hl=en_US&gl=US

Best for: Remini enhances the overall quality of low-resolution photos by converting them into clear, high-definition images.

Rating: 4.7

Available on: iOS and Android

This AI photo enhancer cleans up and improves the quality of photos that are grainy, low-quality, or damaged in a matter of seconds. With AI picture editing tools that revitalize your images, Remini gets your regular photos ready for the social media stage. You can even make changes to old photographs to surprise your loved ones.

Main tools which are used in this app are:

  • Blur and scratch repair
  • Photo and video enhancements
  • High-definition photo restoration

AI Video Editor or AI Photo Filter 5. PhotoDirector

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyberlink.photodirector&hl=en_IN&gl=US

Best for: To add life to your photographs, PhotoDirector is the best tool for producing AI animation.

Rating: 4.6

Available on: iOS and Android

PhotoDirector is the only AI picture editing tool that can automate your images. Whether you want to adjust the contrast or add a unique touch to your photograph, it includes a variety of features to help you take better photos with powerful changes. You may create drama to your photos with fantastic animation tools including overlays, dispersion, and ornaments.

Main tools which are used in this app are:

  • Animated decorations, overlay, and dispersion
  • Sky replacement
  • Object removal
  • Light rays
  • Photo retouch

AI Photo Editor or AI Filter 6. Voila:

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wemagineai.voila&hl=en_IN&gl=US

Best for: Voila is the best for delivering your images a unique, comical, and entertaining style.

Rating: 4.8

Available on: iOS and Android

With the help of features that convert you into a work of art from any era, you can add style to your images using this AI artist software. Be royalty or select a humorous caricature that requires more than just photo editing. Voila changes your image to give you the appearance of emerging from an animated movie, complete with huge eyes and slick lines.

Main tools which are used in this app are:

  • 3D cartoon effects
  • AI image style
  • AI photo drawing

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