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Author: Satish Sharma

Hello Friends,

My full name is Satish Sharma and I am a blogger by profession. Talking about education, I have done my graduation and MB in finance. I have been heavily involved in Technical & Sales Marketing in my professional career. Friends, I also want to tell you that digital marketing is also a very big part of my profession because by profession I m a Digital Marketing Expert also.

I am the founder of this blog with the name of “Technoupaaye.com” where my objective is to provide you all the relevant information related to technical, news, updates, stories which I feel to share with you through my blog posts. In my blog you will also get some general information apart from technical knowledge because I feel like that the general knowledge or information is the part of our lives.

I have understood the responsibilities in our life at a very early age and started earning by doing part time job at various places. I love to learn new things and observe all the activities around me in a very closed way. I believe that from each and every thing we can learn.

Now what are you going to gain from the knowledge I have collected? you may be thinking like this. In the profile of sales and marketing, you have to meet different people and we learn a lot from them. The role of technical information is attached to each field Even if you are from any field, but in today’s time you must keep yourself technically upgraded.

I agree that many times we feel that I know this information but still there is a community of such big people who do not know everything. So this blog of mine is for such people technoupaaye.com.

From this blog of mine, they get all kinds of technical information as well as important guidance and information related to sales & marketing plus life and motivation.

Don’t worry, you will get all this information in different categories and if you look carefully then all these things are very important in our life so that we do not ignore these.

I want from my heart that I can come to your work. I can share with you all the knowledge that I have taken.

I have always tried this in my profession, in whatever job roles I have, I can perform best with innovation and technical knowledge. And I’ve always been successful in doing so, thanks to my habit of learning new things.

So in this blog I would like to share with you all the information that I have learned till date. Let me share this knowledge and information with you and it will be the honor for me.

You are most requested to keep giving me your love and support like this friends. Whatever I am interested in; I can share with you what I have learned to help me fulfill it.

Thank you for your support and love.

Satish Sharma

Owner of Technoupaaye.com

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