1GB is equal to how many MB?? | How much is 1GB in MB?

Welcome everyone again to my blog on my new post where we are going to know 1GB is equal to how many MB?  It is very common nowadays that we get to hear everywhere about the terms MB’s and GB’s. Today is the time of Computers and mobiles and all we need in our computers and mobiles is the highest volume of data storage capacities defined in MB and GB’s.

These all terms are used as a computer language to define the storage capacity of a storage device whether its internal or external. So before we start let us first understand the basic computer language terminology which is required otherwise we would not be able to properly understand how much is 1GB in MB?

What is Bit, Byte, Kilo Byte and Mega Byte?

The smallest unit of measurement on a computer is the bit. There are almost always eight bits in one byte. These two terms are commonly confused with each other. Computers deal with binary digits, or bits. A bit can be 0 or 1, equivalent or off or on.  If we combine eight binary digits, such as 1111001, then we get one Byte and when we combine 1024 bytes then it forms one Kilo Byte which we known as KB. 1024 KB is equal to 1MB or mega byte.

This is used by operating systems like Microsoft Windows and computer memory (RAM).

1GB how many MB?

kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB), gigabyte (GB), etc. — can refer to two different values. Sometimes you’ll see kilobyte and it means 1000 bytes, while it can also mean 1024 bytes. If we talk generally it is 1000, but talking technically it is 1024 no matter it is mb,kb,gb or so on.  So here it has been cleared that all the whether it is MB, KB or GB, all are measured in bits only.

Earlier we used to store data in Kilo Bytes which is reached to TB’s called Tetra Bytes. Just imagine if we have to write down the value of one GB or TB in bytes how many digits we should use and how difficult it would be to remember so to make it easy Bytes are further mentioned as MB, GB and TB.

In technical terms 1 GB is equal to 1024 MB rather than 1000KB and so on, but this is referred to binary gigabytes.

So I hope that it is clear to you that 1GB = 1024 MB

Summary to the question 1GB is equal to how many MB??

As you have all read in the post that the correct answer is 1024 MB. It’s a general belief that 1000MB make a GB since we have studied 1000g = 1 Kg since childhood days. The other sizes are as follows:.

8 bit=1 byte;
1024 byte make 1 kilobyte
and 1024 KB makes 1 megabyte
and 1024 MB makes 1 gigabyte

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